by szadmin
Positive client impact along many dimensions, including throughput, agility, quality…
Enabling Business Growth

Effectively doubled throughput by developing and operating an ALM platform at an e-commerce giant.

Enabling Continuous Delivery

Increased deployments 5-fold and ensured fast feedback loops at a large dental benefits company.

Transforming Quality

Optimized a global QA organization, reducing defects by 35% while also improving delivery consistency.

Enabling Business Growth

Enabling Business Growth

E-Business (B2B2C) company * IT organization of over 500 people

My Role

Director – Technology, leading a 30+ member organization, including Platforms, DevOps, Automated QA and Performance Engineering

  • Scattered de-coupled systems and tools used to build and deploy software
  • Significant number of production patches
  • Inability to make informed decisions based on testing information
  • Automated solutions scattered and ad-hoc, hindering velocity and increasing cost of ownership.
  • Implemented an integrated ALM Platform to:
    • Continuously build and deploy software across environments
    • Drive test planning, test execution, and effective triage
    • Identify projects, releases & deployments that were ‘at risk’
    • Help in making timely decisions.
  • Implemented a Unified Automation Solution that could be leveraged during development sprints through system integration testing
  • Developed a Visualization Dashboard focused on progress, coverage and quality to actively manage scope and product risk on every release.
Quality Platform
  • Doubled software delivery throughput by employing the platform
  • Architected a test management system that housed over 15000 tests with a reuse factor of 2.5
  • Increased the effectiveness of the automation function, while reducing maintenance time by 30%
  • Automated tests accounted for over 10% of the defects found post-sprint
  • Over time, this led to a 20% reduction in production patches.
Technology & Tools
  • Windows and Web applications
  • C# based ALM platform with REST APIs
  • C# based test automation solution
  • HP ALM test management system
  • QlikView based metrics dashboards.

Enabling Continuous Delivery

Enabling Continuous Delivery

Large Dental Benefits Administrator * IT organization of over 300 people

My Role

Principal Consultant, leading an 18-month multi-workstream transformation effort

  • Need to scale delivery systems to support technology refresh and business growth
  • Unable to deploy code easily after every build, even as scrum teams operated in sprints
  • Environments not available when needed, with increasing sprawl
  • Quality feedback slow or missing
  • Results of performance testing not trusted by stakeholders
  • Declining reliability of claims processing systems in production.
  • Architected a future-state deployment pipeline and release process
  • Defined a purpose-driven approach to managing environments
  • Implemented automated deployment across the enterprise
  • Developed a functional test automation solution that would support BDD, and could be used across the development lifecycle
  • Established the practice of goal-oriented performance engineering
  • Delivered extensive on-boarding, training and coaching to upskill various parts of the IT organization.
  • Code can be deployed after every build
  • Number of deployments per month increased 5-fold
  • Environment use was tied to the deployment pipeline, reducing number by 35%
  • Automated regression increased over 400% across multiple applications
  • Scrum teams using BDD and automated acceptance tests every sprint
  • Use of production-enabled workload model and statistical approach led to improved accuracy of performance engineering efforts
  • Significant increase in stability and reliability
  • Built a culture of DevOps incrementally over time.
Technology & Tools
  • Windows-based Web applications, Salesforce, Oracle Revenue & Billing, BI/Analytics stack comprised of Informatica ETL, SSRS/SSIS, Cognos and Tableau
  • TFS, TFS-Git and Microsoft RMS for automated deployment
  • C# and Selenium based test automation solution
  • Neoload for performance testing
  • Dynatrace for performance and production monitoring.

Transforming Quality

Transforming Quality

Diversified Financial Services company * IT organization of over 1500 people * QA of over 200 people

My Role

VP – Technology, leading a 100-member organization supporting 50+ applications

  • Inconsistent delivery by a globally distributed organization leading to lack of business trust
  • Increasing trend of QA & test cost and cycle time while supporting increased growth
  • Major issues being identified late in the lifecycle.
  • Redesigned the global organization with a 70/30 onshore-offshore mix and consolidated operations from 7 to 4 locations
  • Built a highly-experienced 20-member team of quality and system architects, to lead cross-functional projects and ensure effective systems integration
  • Implemented a risk-based QA practice to understand the failure impact on core business features. Ensured end-to-end scenarios were validated prior to business acceptance, which helped identify major integration issues.
  • Established a Test Automation Center of Excellence with a dual-shore model – a scripting center focused on delivering executable automation and a capabilities team focused on developing and maintaining a modular automation framework.
  • Grew the QA team by just 11% to support a 35% development team growth
  • Reduced blended labor cost by over 10%
  • Reduced test cycle time to 20% of project cycle time, from around 25%
  • New software defects in production reduced by 35%
  • First pass run-rate improved significantly while automated coverage increased by 30%
  • Through these results and active collaboration, increased trust with the business stakeholders.
Technology & Tools
  • Mainframe, Java and web applications
  • HP Quality Center for Test Management
  • QTP and Selenium for Test Automation.