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From developing quality solutions to leveraging analytics to helping achieve continuous delivery…

Practice Areas

Engage as a senior-level consultant to provide project, process and technical leadership on engagements, working alongside client teams in a very collaborative way to – address complex issues, improve practices, influence change, deliver solutions, achieve organization goals, and enhance desired outcomes – with industry experience, expertise and delivery model centered on -
Developing Products
Developing Capabilities

To deliver compelling products and solutions to market by:

  • Architecting platforms using microservices or monolithic patterns, supported by virtualization or container technology.
  • Implementing reusable ALM frameworks for automating builds, testing and deployment.
  • Leveraging cloud-based technologies as appropriate to accelerate application integration and usage.
  • Deploying dashboards to get better and real-time visibility into a delivery pipeline and to help decision-making.
Software Quality
Embedding Quality

To mitigate risk and improve reliability by:

  • Streamlining QA through assessments, skills and tool evaluations, and recommending solutions.
  • Recommending QA strategies, applying agile test execution models, and employing defect management and root cause analysis.
  • Designing better organization models to suite the organization’s needs and objectives – from federated to centralized, COEs & Guilds, embedded to hybrid.
  • Automating testing across the SDLC, to aid developers and testers across various test environments.
  • Automating test data management employing both organic and synthetic approaches.
  • Implementing Performance Management through load testing and active monitoring practices.
  • Leveraging metrics using not only well-known quality measures but emerging ones that support agile development.
Enabling DevOps
Enabling DevOps

To achieve continuous delivery and agility at scale by:

  • Embedding QA earlier in the lifecycle to be the voice of the customer, specifying features using TDD/ATDD/BDD, and developing automated tests in sync with development.
  • Implementing Release Automation using well-known enterprise deployment reference architectures.
  • Enabling fast feedback loops by integrating automated build and deployment with automated tests.
  • Automating environment management to ensure reduction in lead and wait-times through any release pipeline.
  • Monitoring pipeline metrics that would inform stakeholders on both ‘flow’ and ‘feedback’.
  • Facilitating culture change employing a deliberate but flexible approach while keeping organization need and constraints front and center.
Leveraging Analytics
Leveraging Analytics

To effectively manage software product lifecycles using data and information by:

  • Performing gap analysis across dimensions including process quality, delivery, product quality, performance, and operations data, and identifying improvements.
  • Articulating a roadmap for employing data analytics to better manage software delivery with agility.
  • Recommending analytics strategies to improve products and solutions through innovative use of data assets.
  • Employing prescriptive and predictive analytics to improve delivery and operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Enabling software delivery analytics by planning, designing and architecting Hadoop and other Big Data platforms.
Doubled Software Delivery Throughput

Need: Streamline software systems to support increased growth at an e-retail company.


  • Developed a data-enabled ALM platform integrating build, deployment, test management & automation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Developed a Visualization Dashboard focused on progress, coverage and quality to actively manage scope and product risk on every release.

Result: Dramatically improved delivery efficiency and seamlessly supported 20% YoY business growth.

Achieved Delivery & Quality Goals

Issue: Financial Brokerage company was facing quality issues and delays on multi-year multi-million dollar projects.


  • Built a team of QA and system architects over an 18-month period.
  • Deployed them on all large projects to deliver timely solutions and manage risk across releases retail brokerage, capital markets & back-office operations.

Result: Repeatedly achieved delivery goals and 95% defect containment on $150MM technology portfolio.

Improved Time-to-Deploy 5-fold

Need: Dental Insurance administrator needed to significantly improve release consistency, reliability and speed.


  • Assessed various options and defined a deployment reference architecture based on the client’s tech stack.
  • Implemented a release process and deployment pipelines to work across key enterprise applications.

Result: Applications can now be deployed on-demand or automatically and time to deploy has reduced 5-fold.

Guided Product Strategy

Issue: Big data startup needed direction to extend core platform.


  • Accelerated the release of ready-to-deploy solutions like EDW offloading and OLTP replication on Hadoop, after analyzing market data and customer feedback.
  • Recommended moving from an on-premises to a cloud offering.

Result: Helped build mind share and market presence for the startup.