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Targeted to transformative, short-term to long, turn-key to full-lifecycle...

Targeted Engagement


Usually time-bound, focused on a specific function, project or department


Engage and fulfill on a turn-key basis using a simple approach as shown below

Assess present-state using qualitative and quantitative techniques

Synthesize the information gathered and collate findings

Act by either implementing or by recommending the next course of action

Typical Characteristics
  • Shorter-term engagement (usually 1 to < 4 months)
  • Sponsored at an executive level or department level
  • Driven by a specific need or objective
  • Results fully demonstrated at the end of the engagement.

Case-by-case basis, typically estimated in the range of $25K to $100K

Example Illustrations

Articulating a technology refresh roadmap

A technology-enabled company’s enterprise systems have been in use for many years, resulting in ongoing architecture creep and accumulated technical debt. The company wants to migrate their core systems to the cloud.

How we can help
  • Identify an optimal future state for these systems based on customer feedback and market analysis
  • Propose options including new or redesigned platforms; use of monolithic or microservices architectures; private, public or hybrid cloud implementations, including pros and cons.
  • Jointly develop a blueprint and roadmap for implementation, taking into consideration capital and operating costs, and process and people impact.
Better visibility to guide product development

An enterprise’s legacy silos and tool sprawl is causing inability to reuse or share application lifecycle assets like requirements and tests. As a result, maintenance costs are high, and management is unable to make informed product decisions.

How we can help
  • Quickly assess the toolsets, processes used across silos, and licensing cost, and present a feasibility analysis for both consolidating ALM toolsets, and rationalizing to a core set of development practices.
  • Propose an option for how to leverage industry best practices, and draft an ALM integration architecture to enable seamless flow and use of information across the enterprise.